Forklift Parts

Parts Department

FP&M Parts Operations have one mission… to support our clients’ quest to keep their lift truck fleets up and running! FP&M stocks each of our locations with ample parts and trained professionals to help you select the right part for the right price. We can help support your parts needs for any brand of lift truck…

Forklift Service

Service Department

FP&M maintains a professionally trained radio and GPS dispatched fleet of over 50 service technicians for when you want to leave the repairs to us. Supported by our outstanding parts-sourcing capabilities, we can keep any brand of lift trucks up and running… adding to your bottom line!

LED Blue Forklift Safety Light

Blue Forklift Safety Light

The innovative blue safety light helps avoid forklift/pedestrian collisions. In the USA alone, there are 19,000 forklift/pedestrian accidents each year.

Recondition Equipment

Recondition Your Equipment

Let the FP&M Parts & Service Team give you a FREE QUOTE to completely recondition your aging material handling equipment instead of buying new. In many cases we can fully recondition two for what you can expect to pay for one new one!